About Us


Biomodels is a preclinical contract research organization specializing in the testing and evaluation of drugs for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Biomodels was founded in 1997 with the idea of creating a more useful interface between leading academic researchers and the pharmaceutical industry. To achieve this goal, Biomodels was set up as an independent company to establish collaborative relationships with highly regarded academic scientists, and obtain rights to use proprietary models and technologies for commercial purposes.
Biomodels provides its clients with access to selected predictive models in the areas of cancer, cancer supportive care, radiation therapy and inflammatory diseases. In addition, Biomodels is able to provide its clients with superior pre-clinical advice through a series of collaborative relationships with leading academic researchers and institutions. As a result of these collaborative relationships, Biomodels’ clients receive superior research together with the confidence of knowing their results can be relied upon to assess the potential for clinical success. Several of the world’s largest and most respected pharmaceutical companies, as well as many small and mid-size companies, regularly call on Biomodels for outsourced preclinical research.
Biomodels is committed to providing its clients with access to studies designed by the thought leaders in each field and to the ability to provide these services in a timely manner.